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Via Tiempo

Tiempo Cup—Red

Tiempo Cup—Red

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This is the quintessential Via Tiempo cup, "designed" quite naturally and effortlessly through years of wandering collaboration with our friend, the brilliant potter, Mark Mohler. It is a simple and elegant Buncheong style cup with a large foot and flowing shape that evades overworking. It embodies comfort and care, and is sure to instantly endear itself to any tea-drinker, and become a lasting friend. 

Made of Lizella clay in a reduction kiln. You can choose between the red, gray blue celadon, and a green celadon. Each is hand made and as a result shape, size, and glaze effects vary. Please feel free to tell me preferences, request photos of available options, or simply trust the chance coincidence. Sizes range from about 130 to 350ml

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