Via Tiempo follows in the footsteps of the artists, meditators, mystics, poets, philosophers, creatives, and contemplatives of all types who have discovered the undeniable magic of slowing down with tea. Particularly we share the way of tea inspired by the Taoists who find health, long-life, and happiness in seasonal attunement. By sharing the best of Chinese and Taiwanese teas in an easeful and colorful manner, we support you in developing your own relationship with the world's most popular and legendary drink—the way it's best enjoyed—with the seasons.

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Michael the Tea Peddler’s seasonal teas, evocative letters, and beautiful labels convey something special that tea-lovers know well: the spirit of tea! An outpouring from their own Taoist seasonal practice, Michael’s welcoming invitation into seasonal tea radiates the ease and naturalness you hope for in tea culture. It helps that each tea is amazing... you’re definitely going to find some new favorite teas, and you may even gain a new perspective or love for the seasons. -Una

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