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Via Tiempo

Peddler's Guild

Peddler's Guild

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The Peddler’s Guild is the ultimate way to experience the Seasonal Tea Journey, for adventurous Via Tiempo aficionados ready to deepen their understanding of tea. You’ll receive extra information, and a variety of extra teas to taste from the Tea Peddler. We might even taste the teas that I’m choosing between for a given seasonal selection, as I share and request your input on the newest and most experimental aspects of the Seasonal Tea Journey. This collaborative and fun inner circle is in addition to everything received in the Wanderer's Way of Tea.

First choose your size

Full size: 36 grams of each tea

Half size: 18 grams of each tea

Generally: 4-6 grams of tea is used in the gongfu cha method. 1-2 grams for a casual steep

Remember, each package has two seasonal teas.

Every ensemble seasonal tea-package comes with:

  • 2 Perfect Teas for the Seasons
  • Books, Calendars, Scrolls—Writing to support the journey
  • Artistic and Informative Labels

With your first package:

  • Book of Imprints, Tea journal and calendar
  • Easing Into Seasonal Tea Ritual handbook
  • Comprehensive guide to reading the labels informative labels on the back of each tea pouch


  • Invitations to Online Tea-Appreciation to taste each tea in community
  • Special Peddler's Guild Only Packages

    2 Perfect Teas for the Seasons

    Each season, we caringly select artisanal treasures to enliven your tea-life and connect you to the particular elemental character of the season. Over time you'll gain familiarity with a wide variety of teas, including teas that you may have a hard time finding outside of Via Tiempo.

    All of Via Tiempo's teas are from farmers that care for the long-term well being of the soil, tea-plants, and ecosystem. Most are completely pesticide free, whether they be certified organic, wild grown in forests, or old tree gardens at high elevation.

    Books, Calendars, Scrolls—Writing to support the journey

    A refreshing tea-letter, in the form of a scroll, introduces each tea in the most delightful way—sharing tea culture, philosophy, and the elemental poetry of the season. Each scroll opens portals of appreciation. Layer by layer, they reveal a wandering education in seasonal tea culture. Your first delivery is also accompanied by a lovely Easing into Seasonal Tea Ritual handbook, and the Book of Imprints, a Tea-Journal-Calendar that follows both a Taoist 8-element experiential calendar and the traditional 24 Season Farming Calendar of Northern China.

    Artistic and Informative Labels

    Our seasonal teas will always stay front and center in your tea cabinet, because the artistic labels are so much fun to see looking back at you whenever you open the door. The labels on the back of the pouch share how oxidized the tea is, taste and aroma profiles, steeping guidance, energetic qualities to look for, and more. Also, with your first shipment you'll receive a comprehensive guide to reading those labels.

    By the way, the label and pouches are compostable! Drop them in your green bin and feel good about your entire tea experience. 

    Bonus: Online Community Tea-Appreciation

    As a bonus, two opportunities to connect online accompany each seasonal tea package: one tasting that explores the basics of tea-appreciation and one experimental gathering to explore your own seasonal tea ritual.

    Payment Details

    Payments will be charged to your card 7 days before each shipment. 10 days before each shipment you'll get an email inviting you to make any changes necessary. You can pause, cancel, or change subscriptions any time.


    If this Journey is a gift for someone else, let me know! You can respond to the confirmation email with a note you'd like to include; and you can preset how many seasons of tea you'd like to send.

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