Tea Peddler

Wandering the streets, wandering the seasons, ambling, sitting, sipping: sharing tea and creating a world for tea to be shared in. The tea keeps me grounded and attracts good company, the peddling keeps me moving, and the cycles of the seasons keep me dreaming.

-Michael Busby



I've been drinking tea with Michael for a good while and writing poems w/ tea for a good while, and have a good time as a tea+writer collaborator friend in Via Tiempo. Emphasis: All For Show Show, &c.

-Travis Newbill


Via Tiempo

Tea is much more than a leaf to so many people. What is it that sparks in the heart of a human drinking tea? We’re interested in connections both timeless and very much in time. The name arose in 2019, and by 2020 we had new labels for our packaging and a little red bird for a logo.