What is Via Tiempo?

Via Tiempo is a small tea shop run by Michael Busby, the Tea Peddler, with an elemental approach to seasonal tea inspired by Chinese and Japanese tea rituals, and Taoist practices of health.  

You can see this showing up in a number of ways, including a rotating seasonal tea menu, teaware collaborations specifically designed to accompany the teas of a given season, and community tea gatherings to share a simple practices of renewal. 

Via Tiempo was the name of the street where Michael grew up. The name is an invocation of time, weather, and the Way—a window into the magic of tea. it also conjures all the connections made with friends over tea—both fleeting and long-lasting. 

Our Teas

We specialize in oolongs and red teas from Taiwan, Wuyi, and Phoenix Mountain. We also carry greens, whites, and puerh. We get organic and teas where we can, and teas are farmed with minimal use of EU approved pesticides where necessary, from farmers that care for the longterm wellbeing of the plants, water, and soil. You can taste the quality of each tea we carry. 


We're happy to say the tea pouches and labels we use are fully industrially compostable, and we use shipping boxes that are 100% recycled, 95% post-consumer paper.