About the Tea Peddler

As the Tea Peddler of Via Tiempo, my form-of-life is inspired and informed by alchemists, herbalists, artists, mystics, contemplatives and tea peddlers of the past and present. Via Tiempo is the name of my wandering teashop. It’s the name of the street where I grew up in San Diego and it evokes the sense of seasonal cycles, since Tiempo means both time and weather. Via means way, which connects with my Daoist qigong practice (of which tea is a big part). The phrase “natural way” expresses that our vital living and what we do in life are inseparable.

About Via Tiempo

My friends and I at Via Tiempo are always aiming to connect with the innate allure of tea, to learn more about the people and places where the elements, artisanship, hard work, and long traditions come together to bring these teas that inspire our awe; and to be a part of the unfolding of this tradition and living culture on a new terrain. 

We’ve noticed that tea helps us conjure all sorts of atmospheres. We like to articulate spaces of inoperativity that can lead to connection, inspiration, naturalness, and all kinds of things, really. We’re up for the possible, the poetry, divergence. We find that life can sometimes be playful. Even when it isn’t, this unkempt life—like the squash vine in my backyard—is never predictable or boxed in. We enjoy cool breezes and light that shimmers on the surface of a lake. Our slogan is, “We might not be walking into an abyss.”