Via Tiempo

Via Tiempo supports artistic exploration and the flourishing of contemplative culture. As an appreciation circle, we cultivate slower, simpler, and more natural ways of living in all we do, including how we conduct business.

Michael Busby, the tea peddler, resides in Pittsburgh and wanders here and there to share his love of tea. But Via Tiempo lives in many places, where community members and tea friends share the love of not just tea, but of living with elegance, playful appreciation and flow. 

Michael Busby, owner of Via Tiempo, is a practitioner of the Daoist arts of health and longevity, and a lover of tea. Via Tiempo is a way for him to evoke a magical world, with tea, with the seasons, and with a community of tea-friends.

Via Tiempo is a constant collaboration with many good tea-friends, facilitated by the internet, but fueled by sharing warm cups of tea.

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