Via Tiempo


Tea is a way  to attune with the seasons in the world, and with the cycles in our own bodies, in order to realign with vitality in our sometimes not-so-spacious lives. The tea itself is like an herb, making a drink that is supportive of our bodies and energies. The rituals each of us form around tea connect us to simplicity, to the elements, and to our physical immediacy. When we need space, we can make it. When we have it, we can relax and play in it.

Tea is a companion for sitting leisurely, stroking the clouds, entering the mountains, or any number of activities in nature. It is also by our side when we’re playing the flute, sitting in front of the incense burner, arranging flowers or in any way leading a contemplative life. Of course it also supports our focus at work, and creates an ambiance for entertaining friends. Making tea, we can even cultivate a more elegant way of perceiving  the world.  

Via Tiempo provides a window into above described world of tea, and supports artistic exploration and the flourishing of contemplative culture, appreciation, and slower simpler and more natural ways of living in all that we do, including how we conduct business.

Michael Busby, owner of Via Tiempo, is a practitioner of the Daoist arts of health and longevity, and a lover of tea. Via Tiempo is a way for him to evoke a magical world, with tea, with the seasons, and with a community of tea-friends.

Via Tiempo is a constant collaboration with many good tea-friends, facilitated by the internet, but fueled by sharing warm cups of tea.