About Michael Busby the Tea Peddler of Via Tiempo

For Peddler Busby, the swirling elements of the seasons are companions and the people he pours tea for are friends. His tea practice is an expression of love for cold wind, tall mountains, small leaves, winding rivers, and star-filled skies. He delights in guiding people into their own intuitive sense of health; attuning to life’s many cycles and seasons. Michael is authorized to teach Limitless Gate lineage qigong under Eva Wong (www.limitlessgate.com), and he received his Shodan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. In life he wanders, and sometimes stays at home with magical beings Trinley (wife) and Buster (cat). 



About Via Tiempo

At Via Tiempo we are always aiming to connect with the innate allure of tea, to learn more about the people and places where the elements, artisanship, hard work, and long traditions come together to bring these teas that inspire our awe; and to be a part of the unfolding of this tradition and living culture on a new terrain. Via means way and Tiempo time and weather, it is the way of merging with seasons and cycles—free and easy wandering—a nod to the alchemists, mystics, immortals, artists, poets, magicians, etc. who do live this way all the time—and their seemingly universal penchant for tea drinking.