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Via Tiempo

Just the Tea—Subscription

Just the Tea—Subscription

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This is a perfect option for someone who already knows how to prepare and enjoy all of the different styles of Chinese and Taiwanese teas, who isn't interested in the fanfare of receiving the magical scroll introducing each tea, and the other guidance that is included in the other options.

Even if you're the most avid tea-drinker, you're sure to be surprised and delighted by the assortment of wonderful teas—including many you may have never encountered before.

The Tea Selections

Over time you'll gain familiarity with a wide variety of teas, including teas that you may have a hard time finding outside of Via Tiempo. All of Via Tiempo's teas are from farmers that care for the long-term well being of the soil, tea-plants, and ecosystem. Most are completely pesticide free, whether they be certified organic, wild grown in forests, or old tree gardens at high elevation.

Full size: 2 teas, 36 grams each
Half size: 2 teas, 18 grams each

A serving is 3-6 grams, according to preference and size of teapot. 


Charged and Delivered 4 or 8 times per year

4 times per year = every other shipment

Payment Details

Payments will be charged to your card 7 days before each shipment. 10 days before each shipment you'll get an email inviting you to make any changes necessary. You can pause, cancel, or change subscriptions any time.


If this Journey is a gift for someone else, let me know! You can respond to the confirmation email with a note you'd like to include.

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