Form-of-Life Coaching

In my capacity as a Form-of-life Coach (FoLC), I support integration and emergent wisdom—weaving the threads present in one's life into a contemplative ecology that allows creativity, learning, and clarity to flow forth in your endeavors. 

In terms of methods, I use mindfulness, inquiry, and a connection with ritual and spontaneous awareness to tap into the reservoir of creativity and knowing that's always available. The materials we’ll use to weave together your form-of-life are sourced from your own life and interests. Nothing new need be added, and your personal exploration of various frameworks can also be incorporated. 

I’ve developed this construct through countless collaborations, through friendship, and out of my own study and practice. It is grounded in a variety of traditions that share as their commonality the valuing of playful adaptability, attuning to what is present, and attending to what is surging forth.


Taoism, Dzokchen, Inoperative Philosophy, 4 Fields, Tea Ritual, Trees and Rocks.


To Begin

If you are interested, send me a message and we can set up 3-5 Form-of-life Collaboration sessions on a sliding scale basis $25-200, with flexible duration and frequency based on your schedule and needs. 

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