Form-of-Life Coaching

Form-of-life Coaching is a unique way for two people to reflect in an atmosphere of tea, with all its elements: the playful meandering of steam, the rest and stability of earth, the reflection of water, the warmth of fire, and spontaneity of space. The term form-of-life is prominent in the philosophy of one of my favorites, Giorgio Agamben; it weaves together a person and their activities, making them one mode of living in the world. As a Form-of-Life Coach, I help people weave together their values with their aspirations, their creativity with their necessities, their spirituality with their daily life, and any other such seeming contradictions.

The method, other than sitting and having tea together, has to do with identifying the specters that are communicating to you in your own life, as well as the ways that you are accustomed to contacting the world, and weaving your own meaning and reflection into your activities—such that you and your activities have a certain sameness that evolves into a meaningful ecosystem of living and reflecting. Over time, resonance between yourself and the phenomenal world that you inhabit may become much clearer as you find ways to communicate. We use tea, both as an atmosphere to meander and explore together, and as a medium for communicating with the elementality and spectrality of our worlds. 

People who find this Form-of-Life Coaching helpful are often people who have a certain reflective way of living who would like to nurture their relationship with this aspect of themselves. Specifically, people with creative practices, entrepreneurial leanings, or spiritual longings/philosophical curiosities that have been put into long-term storage, find these reflective Form-of-Life Coaching sessions nourishing.

Send me a message if you'd like to try Form-of-Life Coaching. If you don't have my info, you can use this contact form. Standard sessions are 80 minutes, but can be modified to 40 or 120 minutes based on your schedule needs. After an initial consult, we can schedule 3, 5, or 7—or simply ongoing. 

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you are able to meet your basic needs and have some disposable income but might have some debt, have no savings

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 Other creative arrangements are possible.

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