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Mengding Ganlu [Pre-Ming]— 1.5oz

Mengding Ganlu [Pre-Ming]— 1.5oz

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Mengding Ganlu originates from the Mengding Mountain area in Sichuan, China, one of the oldest tea-growing regions in the world. Our Pre-ming Mengding Ganlu—also called Sweet Dew—is from the original growing area, and features a full array of surprisingly dark and rich flavors in its beautiful uniform leaves.

The tea undergoes three rounds of wok-”frying” (no oil) and rolling, to give it’s curved shape, nutty flavor profile, and classic fresh bread aroma. This is a super unique and enjoyable green tea.

Tea Peddler’s Notes:

On my first tasting, the initial hit of sweetness and the smooth texture caught me completely off-guard in the best possible way. Continuing to sip, I was reminded of growing up on the coast of California and smelling the ocean breeze, torrey pine trees, and the breadsticks from one of the local restaurants my sister used to love.

Mengding Ganlu is perfect for hot afternoons on the patio, or taking on a picnic. It is my go-to when I want a bold flavored and evocative green. The vegetal notes are familiar without being overpowering, and the fruitier and deeper flavors of a white tea that sneak in on the fragrant buds are a constant treat.


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