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Liu Bao (Aged Tea 1998) 2oz

Liu Bao (Aged Tea 1998) 2oz

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An absolutely delicious aged tea. Puerh is the name of a city, and this tea is not from that region, so you can't call it Puerh, but taste wise it is quite similar to a delicious shou. In China they call it Heicha, dark tea. 

This is a Heicha from Guangxi harvested in 1998. It is perhaps the most full-bodied tea I've ever had. Nutty, sweet, earthy, vegetal, it has a lot of flavor while remaining clean and even refreshing.

The energy is also full. Not just grounding, but full and big and stable like iron cauldron. Fills you up with qi without sending you to the moon. 

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