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Via Tiempo

4 Season Tea Sampler

4 Season Tea Sampler

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A taste of 4 Via Tiempo favorites that convey the essence of the 4 primary seasons.

Alishan, the classic Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong for spring

Anji Bai, the refreshing and uplifting green tea summer.

Honey Orchid Phoenix Red, a complex fruity Red Tea from Old Trees on Phoenix Mountain for autumn.

White Daphne, a balanced Rock Tea for winter

This set comes with a scroll introducing the qualities of each tea and the way that they connect with their season, and a guide to reading the informative labels on the back of each pouch—providing additional insights into the seasons, the teas, and the way to prepare each. 

This is a perfect way to become acquainted with seasonal tea drinking, and makes a great gift as well. If it is a gift, you can include a custom note (let me know by responding to the confirmation email). You can bundle it with the 24 Seasonal Tea Journal—Forever Calendar by ordering both, and I'll package them together. 

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