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Via Tiempo

Wanderer's Tea-kit

Wanderer's Tea-kit

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Via Tiempo's Wanderer's Tea-kit provides everything you need to fully enjoy your Seasonal Tea Journey from the very first steep—and does it with the utmost style.

Three pieces of handmade pottery give you flexibility to prepare tea alone or with a friend, in a ritual style or casually:

These exquisitely crafted pieces were made by the potter Mark Mohler and designed through years of collaboration between him and Via Tiempo. They use Lizella Clay from Georgia, the region where Mark grew up and first began making pottery. They reflect his study of the Buncheong Style in Korea, rustic and unpretentious—giving them their timeless simplicity, easy beauty, and a comforting feel. Their artfulness continues to reveal itself to you as use them.


The Gaiwan sizes are between 80 and 120ml.

The Gourd Cups are fairly standard from 200-250ml

The Tiempo Cups run a fairly large range from 130 to 350ml. The larger ones are more like a tea-bowl, but with a more vertical form. 

Each piece is handmade, and therefore unique. If you have preferences within the sizes and shapes you've seen please let me know, or if you need to see more photos I can assist with that too. 

You can also leave it to me to make your set.



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