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Old Tree Lapsang 1oz

Old Tree Lapsang 1oz

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More medicine than beverage, this tea comes from trees that are over 100 years old, covered in moss, growing wild at 1200-1400 in eastern Fujian. The trees are large, but the output is low and there are very specific requirements for the growing conditions that make this tea incredibly precious. 

The tea has an amazing refreshing feeling. Its long leaves look like rock oolong, but its flavor is completely unique. It is like no other red tea I’ve tasted, fresh sweet, and changing from steep to steep. The energy too is uncommon—dropping all the way down to the belly on a first sip.

Whereas some red tea can be brewed 2,3, or 5 times. This tea can easily be enjoyed for 10 or more infusions with boiling hot water, no problem. The century plus slow growth makes it resistant to high temperatures with a steady taste and energy that is mellow in vibe and strong in affect.


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