Milk Oolong 2oz
Milk Oolong 2oz

Milk Oolong 2oz

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Such a delicious Milk Oolong. By far the most delicious I've had. It's the classic Jinxuan varietal, but grown on the Dong Ding plateau and touched by the hand of a master. If you are a connoisseur of the milk oolong or a skeptic, this might just be the tea you want to try.

This tea was sent in the January 7th Subscription. From the subscription scroll:

Milk Oolong: Serene Ambient Drone Milky Meadow Tea

The hue is not unlike the water running off from the glaciers in British Columbia, which I remember from visiting the Whistler area a few years ago when I lived in Vancouver. The impression of meeting this tea is of a wide brushstroke, a soft ambient drone. Even after just a few sips, its presence is there: a light delicate green fabric that drapes, toasted rice colored sunglasses that peer out. It is milky and sweet, and the taste tastes like the feel. The feel feels like the taste. It is artful in its cohesion; achievement of simplicity. 

What I appreciate most about this tea is how soothing it is. The milky feel coats the mouth and lingers in the throat. I honestly think it relaxes my nerves; I even feel the relaxation in my belly. The leaves were obtained by a master tea-maker and touched up with a slight roasting—to enhance the tea’s qualities. The gentle roasting also makes the tea slightly warming, even as lightly oxidized as it is. It satisfies the light tea taste buds while not being out of sync with the winter season, and it will make a perfect treat for the new year, which is just around the corner. Lunar New Year is on February 1st.

Javan's tasting notes:

Nose: malted barley, vanilla

Taste profiles: melon, kombu, eucalyptus, marshmallow root

Character: medium body, medium lingering tannins

Pairs well with: roasted pork belly, dim sum, salt & pepper shrimp