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Lizella Clay Gaiwan

Lizella Clay Gaiwan

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Unglazed clay that takes on new life with each brewing. Each Gaiwan is handmade and unique. They range from 80-120ml. Their shape and thickness makes them easy to use for a wide variety of hand sizes. You can let me know if you want one on the larger or smaller side, and can request more photos. 

The Clay

These gaiwans were handmade by Mark Mohler using Lizella clay from the Appalachians in Georgia where he grew up. Making pottery with local clay is one key trademark of Buncheong, and of all great pottery of tea culture. Mark's relationship with Lizella allows him to fire the clay high and make strong durable teaware at any thickness. You’ll notice quite quickly how the clay interacts with the water and tea: texture changes, color changes, patterns of evaporation. The interactions of each tea you brew leaves a lasting impression.

The Buncheong Aesthetic

They are made with Buncheong tools that Mark carved after receiving the transmission from a master in Korea. Instead of cutting clay away, Buncheong tools push and displace. You can see the interesting shapes the clay takes on in the knob and foot. I like how the knob rises from the lid like a landform. 

Technical Details

The benefits of a handmade gaiwan by someone as attentive to detail as Mark go well beyond the aesthetic. The slope of the lip, the multiple conjoining angles at the edge of the lid, and the clay thickness all combine to give these gaiwans the best, easiest, cleanest pour possible.


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