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Puerh Largesse 1oz (1996 Old Tree Large Leaf Shou

Puerh Largesse 1oz (1996 Old Tree Large Leaf Shou

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This is a remarkable puerh of large leaves from Old Trees of excellent provenance from Simao. A 1996 Shou Puerh, the tea leaves are huge and beautiful, aged meticulously in their loose form, never pressed into a cake or brick.

The Laragesse Puerh has the earthiness and balance of a puerh with the intricacy of an oolong, featuring complex structured mouthfeels and delicious nuttiness. It is surprisingly aromatic. The energy is both strong and settling—the best of an aged puerh from high quality leaves. Please enjoy this rare and limited tea! I only have 30 1oz bags available in total. 

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