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Via Tiempo

Fancy Tieguanyin 1oz

Fancy Tieguanyin 1oz

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This is one of those extremely small batch teas. 6kg in total from old-timer who just wants to make some legendary tea once or twice a year. The energy is solid, building, and expansive. I can't recommend it enough. Tieguanyin has a distinct mineral flavor from its origins in Anxi, Fujian, China. This one has that, and so much more. Milky, buttery, tangy, one taste after another in epic gongfu cha sessions steep after steep. 

This tea will be sent out with the February 17th Via Tiempo Tea Subscription.

Javan's tasting notes:

Aroma: Lavender, buttered popcorn

Flavors: Tangerine, toasted nori, mochi

Body/tannins: light bodied, with medium tannins 

Pair with: steamed white fish (cod, bass), light desserts 


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