Teas that Made the Journey


Winter Solstice: Old Tree Shuixian and Old Tree Lapsang

Transition into Winter: Red Water Dong Ding and Golden Water Turtle

Autumn Equinox: Honey Orchid Phoenix Red (Old Tree) and Honey Jinjunmei

Transition into Autumn: Old Tree Almond Aroma and Wild Lapsang

Summer Solstice: Shuixian White and Baozhong

Transition into Summer: Silver Needles and Clouds and Mist

Spring Equinox: Fancy Tieguanyin and Dong Ding

January 27: High Fashion Alishan and Braggart's


December 13: Floral Jinjunmei and Tielohan

October 27: Aged Milanxiang and Wild Lapsang

September 15: Dark Roast Rougui and Tribute Aroma Phoenix Oolong

August 4: Old Tree Lapsang and White Peony

June 23: Alishan Elixer and Yin Hao

May 12: Wild Lishan and Clouds and Mist

March 31: Fancy Tieguanyin and Baozhong

February 17: Yashi! Old tree Phoenix oolong and Jinmudan rock tea

January 6: Milk Oolong and Dong Ding




November 25: Old Tree Honey Orchid Phoenix and Crimson Buddha Hand

October 14: Pumpkin Oolong and Phoenix Black

September 2: White Daphne and Alishan

July 22: Purple Bud Oolong and Shuixian White 

June 10: Clouds and Mist and Song Zhong

April 29: Qilan and Happy Together

March 18: 8 Immortals Crossing the Sea and Long Jing with Chrysanthemum

February 4: Wenzhong and (Jade) Tieguanyin




December 24: Qi Dan and Jin Jun Mei

November 12: Red Water Dong Ding and Braggart’s Tea

October 1: Shui Xian Old Tree and Sweet Dew (Shanlinxi)

August 20: Wild Lapsang and Nanjing Baozhong

July 9: Clouds and Mist and Sawtooth Lao Cong

May 28: Lishan and Traditional Dong Ding

April: 16: Honey Orchid Phoenix

March 5: Alishan and Shanlinxi 

January 23: Rougui




December 12: (Dark Roast) Monkey Tieguanyin, (Light Roast) Lake Tieguanyin, and 20 Year Brick—Shou Puerh

October 31: White Daphne and Orchid Phoenix

September 19: Charcoal Roasted Dong Ding and White Peony

August 8: Shinlinxi

June 27: Wenshan Baozhong and Red Peony

May 16: Pomelo Phoenix and Happy Together

April 3: Traditional Dong Ding

February 20: Dayuling

January 6: Braggart’s Tea




(Inaugural) Nov 26: Shanlinxi and Nanjing Baozhong


It’s been quite a journey!