24 Seasons

The Via Tiempo Tea Subscription is scheduled to arrive around the beginning of each of the "Transitions" and "Culminations", at the 8 primary seasonal shifts of the year. Within these are the seasons of the traditional Chinese farming calendar. It is a solar calendar, and so it is the same every year.* It simply divides the year by Equinox and Solstice (4 sections), then subdivides each of those into 3 more precise seasons. Each season is roughly 15 days. 

Transition into Spring

February 4: Coming of Spring

February 19: Coming of Rains

March 6: Insects Awaken

Culmination of Spring

March 21: Spring Equinox

April 5: Time of Bright and Clear

April 20: Rains for Growth of Grain

Transition into Summer

May 6: Coming of Summer

May 21: Stalks Appear

June 6: Grains Appear on Stalks

Culmination of Summer

June 21: Summer Solstice

July 7: Lesser Heat

July 23: Great Heat

Transition into Autumn

August 8: Coming of Autumn

August 23: End of Heat

September 8: Dew Turns White

Culmination of Autumn

September 21: Autumn Equinox

October 8: Cold Dew

October 23: Coming of Frost

Transition into Winter

November 8: Coming of Winter

November 21: Light Snow

December 7: Heavy Snow

Culmination of Winter

December 21: Winter Solstice

January 6: Light Freeze

January 20: Deep Freeze