Traditional Style Dong Ding (3 oz)

Traditional Style Dong Ding (3 oz)

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This tea has opened up, declaring, “this is my time!”

Writing this. It is April.

Light oxidation, keeping a freshness, but with heavy roasting for a strong flavors. Half yin, half yang, like spring. The “traditional” style of processing is an intuitive one, many decades old. It brings out the potential of the broth, thick and sweet.

Tune into mouth feeling, a huge part of tea appreciation, in addition to flavor and fragrance. Sometimes frothy, sometimes dropping into the throat,  or salivation coming with the aftertaste

This tea, farmed and crafted by some people who have been at it a long time, who inherited their farm from their ancestors, and they themselves are now getting older.

Dong Ding is a long favorite of mine. It comes in 3 oz. Use it liberally. Learn it’s ways. Share it. Love it.