The Tempo of Tea

The Tempo of Tea

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  • Three Saturdays
  • August 27 and September 3, 10
  • 10am Pacific 1pm Eastern
  • 1.5 hours in duration.
  • On Zoom, and in your tea-room

The rule of life, spontaneous presence, or the Tao—these are words for letting things naturally unfold and settle into their place—something akin to the relaxed natural tempo of tea—steeping, unfurling, decanting, cooling. Hidden within this simple act of slowing down to a more natural tempo is something vast and profound that can transform a daily routine into a grounding and rejuvenating ritual. 

In this 3-part course, we’ll take a closer look at 3 reflections of tea, each time deepening and broadening our connection to the natural unfolding of these fragrant leaves in water.

  1. Sitting Around the Hearth: Spontaneity and Ease 
  2. Seeking Harmony with the Natural World: Pilgrimage
  3. Life in the Tempo of Tea: Attunement

These three reflections  are a subtle look into rest and ease, attunement to the elemental world around us, and even glimpses of possibilities for living harmoniously on this planet.

Everyone is welcome, whether brand new or a long time tea-lover. By the end you’ll have had a thorough introduction to brewing tea with the senses and tuning into tea’s natural timing. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for tea-reflections, exercises, conversations, and introspective steeps. We’ll have exposure to specific traditions of harmony, spontaneity, and naturalness, as well as to the way these themes are reflected in the experience of our fellow tea-kin. Lastly, we’ll have lots of delicious tea and rejuvenating social ceremonies, fostering a level of relaxed community that is unavailable at high speeds.

In addition you'll be getting a special email mid-week containing spontaneous reflections from guest-teacher-friends of Via Tiempo  who will share their diverse wisdom, influences, and areas of study—offering you something more to sip on between our meetings. 

What to Bring with you

For this course you’ll need boiled water, a vessel to brew tea in, some loose tea and a cup. If you’d like to up your game with some quality wares and leaves you can explore Via Tiempo’s selection of teaware and tea

You may wish to bring a notebook to write, draw, or otherwise record your thoughts and note your questions and inspirations.

Please don't let cost be a barrier. Inquire directly for need-based financial assistance.

Michael Busby

Michael Busby is the Tea Peddler of Via Tiempo, with 12 years of experience in tea, as well as Buddhist and Taoist practices. He a student of the elements, time, and philosophy, and is also a teacher of qigong in the Limitless Gate tradition of Taoism.