Qigong - Softening into Spring—Jan 30th

Qigong - Softening into Spring—Jan 30th

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January 30th. 2-4pm Eastern

*free to dojo members

Tea is such a beautiful way to transmit culture, and part of that culture is cultivating community that is based on health and wisdom. 

In this qigong gathering, we’ll nourish our bodies, learn the relationship between qigong and Chinese medicine, and engage in some health practices that directly address the cycle we are in. 

  • Just like drinking tea for the seasons, we can take care of our body in different seasonal ways. As we approach spring we’ll do some qigong for the liver. 
  • We also will be emerging from a winter that has been more yin than ever, almost like 9 months of winter, so we’ll do some qigong to awaken and energize, like a strong cup of tea in the morning. 
  • Because covid is a lingering threat, no matter our level of exposure, this session will also have a lung strengthening focus.

This will be led by Javan Wygal, who is authorized by the Lui family to teach these forms from the Ling Gui School. Javan studies with Dr. Lou Dong and Master Lou He, brother and sister. Their grandfather was the personal physician to the last emperor of China.