New Moon Viewing—Feb 11th

New Moon Viewing—Feb 11th

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Feb 11th at 8-9pm Eastern

Did you know that the Chinese character for friend is made up of two moons? You see the moon and I see the moon. It is the same moon, and it brings us together. Moon viewing with friends is a social form in Japan. People even have moon windows built into the architecture of a home. 

At Via Tiempo, in addition to the cycles of the seasons, why not also mark the cycle of the moon? Let’s view the new moon together.

Bring your herbal tea as we explore a little bit of the energy of the dark moon, the night, herbs, and some time with the lights out. 

For this one, bring:

  • Ceramic bowl
  • Tea of your choice (maybe herbal for the later hour)
  • Hot water
  • Journal or paper and something to write with

Hosted by Michael and Trinley 

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