Lingering Charm: Half Portion Every 6 Weeks
Lingering Charm: Half Portion Every 6 Weeks

Lingering Charm: Half Portion Every 6 Weeks

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The Via Tiempo Tea Subscription is your opportunity to tune into a more ancient flow of time, appreciating each unfolding season with a tasteful abundance of artisanal tea. It comes in three sizes to compliment your particular tea ecosystem.

The Lingering Charm option offers 1.25-1.5oz of tea. That is, 6-10 teapots every six weeks, or 3-5 teapots of each tea. 

Each delivery features two delicious and nourishing "teas to reflect with." That is, not your ordinary everyday teas, but rather: 

  1. Artisanal teas that communicate sensually through taste and smell, conveying messages that are subtle, deep, and awe-inspiring
  2. Nourishing teas that have settling and enlivening energy
  3. Timely teas that reflect and harmonize with the season

All of Via Tiempo's teas are from farmers that care for the long-term well being of the soil, tea-plants, and ecosystem. Most of the teas are completely pesticide free, whether they be certified organic, wild grown in forests, or old tree gardens at high elevation. While others use minimal EU certified (more healthy than US) pesticides as needed, there's a big difference between indiscriminate spraying and using a bit to keep plants healthy. Our dedication to the full breadth of the tea ecology carries all the way down to our compostable tea-pouches and post-consumer recycled shipping boxes. Over time, you’ll be introduced to a wide variety of these affectionately grown teas to enrich your knowledge and surprise your senses.

Via Tiempo follows two calendars: The traditional 24 season farming calendar of Northern China, and the 8 season Taoist Alchemy calendar. The 24 season calendar is a solar calendar with evocative names for each season. It simply divides the year by Equinox and Solstice (4 sections), then subdivides each of those into 3 more precise seasons. Each season is roughly 15 days. The 8 season calendar of sky, earth, fire, water, lake, thunder, wind, and mountain adds an experiential layer that reflects the energetic qualities of different teas. Both offer an appreciation of gradual seasonal shifts that invite a closer connection with the local environment, and add layers of depth to drinking tea.

The subscription is brought to life by a tea-letter rolled into a scroll, introducing each new tea. The scroll offers brewing tips, glimpses of tea culture, education, and a shared journey through the seasons that is spontaneously evoked by the character and spirit of the teas.

Additionally we offer an online tea-tasting for subscribers each session; and periodic classes and other offerings. Finally, our Via Tiempo Timeless Teaware Collection is discounted 25% for subscribers to help get people started, or to add to your collection

Charges to your card of $25 will take place every 6 weeks, one week prior to each shipment. You can cancel, switch levels, or skip a session any time. Shipping included in the price.

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