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Honey Jinjunmei 2oz

Honey Jinjunmei 2oz

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Good honey jinjunmei is sweet without being greasy, and full of savory and umami flavors, without little to no bitter. Grown with the varietal Fuyun No.6, which produces an abundance of golden fluff, this tea is a complete standout with amazing flavors, feel, and energy that is great in gongfucha or western style brewing.

This 2023 Honey Jinjunmei is incredible. It has a nuttiness and elegant frame or structure that makes it a truly refined, stellar stand-out of this beloved all-buds sweet red tea from Fujian. Grown in Fen Shui Guang garden on the border of Fujian and Jiangxi, where the altitude is over 1000m, surrounded by clouds and fog, the color of the dry leaves are bright and distinct, the flavor is deep and comforting.

This tea is grown without pesticides.

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