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Gourd Cup

Gourd Cup

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The gourd is one of the images of the Taoist doctor, who collects herbs and stores them in their gourd. It is a perfect shape to enjoy seasonal tea, and be reminded of the precious medicinal and nutritive quality of the leaves. I take it everywhere I go, to use for casual drinking—placing leaves directly in the cup—whenever I'm away from home. Whether hiking, traveling, or running errands, you can level up your experience wherever you find yourself. 

These cups are skillfully crafted from Lizella Clay, from Georgia, by the potter Mark Mohler. They are reduction-fired, unglazed, in his kiln in Pittsburgh, PA. The final photo shows a well used cup with redder and earthier hues that come through the natural seasoning of the cup that comes with use.

Each is handmade and unique. They range from about 200-250ml


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