Genie Box—Autumn Equinox 2022—Fiesta Box 2

Genie Box—Autumn Equinox 2022—Fiesta Box 2

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I hope your Autumn Equinox is sparkly and full of diagonal light. 

This is a favorite feast day for me. A festive day, a feast day, and day of rest, and a party: fiesta. Privately I’m celebrating with a big day of allowing life to unfold.

Publicly I thought that I should celebrate this grand feast day with an old Via Tiempo tradition, the fiesta box. This is a long standing Via Tiempo staple, but one that until now has remained a secret. 

The fiesta box is a box of tea that is full of a variety of fun things, and is heavily discounted simply because you don’t get to choose what is inside. It is a mystery (usually), and a party, and a feast.

In this case, I will let you know what is inside. And I’ll let you choose between two options. But! They are limited. So if you want one, grab it right away.

This second box contains:

Dong Ding 2oz

Fancy Tieguanyin 1oz

Wild Lishan 2oz

White Peony 1.5oz

Total value of $102, available for the fiesta at $67

There are 3 of this box available.