Exploring Ritual Through Tea
Exploring Ritual Through Tea

Exploring Ritual Through Tea

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Exploring Ritual Through Tea

  • Three Sundays in February
  • February 6, 13, 20
  • 10:00 Pacific 1:00 Eastern
  • 1.5 hours in duration.
  • $40 for all 3 gatherings. $15 single gathering drop-in
  • On Zoom, and in your tea-room

At these gatherings...

  1. You’ll learn about tea and how to perform a tea ritual that you can do alone or with friends, to wake up your senses and renew your connection to the world around you.
  2. You’ll also have these gatherings themselves which allow for a slower pace, a sane and rejuvenating social ceremony that may offer you sustenance in your week.
  3. We’ll all be exploring the place of ritual in our lives and what it might mean to develop different rhythms and an enhanced relationship to time and space through the ritual of tea appreciation.

We’ll mix our format for being embodied in the tea-ritual, with conversation and topics of exploration. Being embodied, and slowing down has the benefit of rejuvenating our energy, letting our consciousness and conversation explore unexpected and seldom frequented places, and fostering a level of community that is unavailable at high speeds.

Descriptions of Individual Gatherings

Each gathering will have a primary presenter leading us through the exploration.

Feb 6. What is Ritual?

Led by Una Chung

At our first gathering, Una Chung will guide an exploration of ritual—its history, meaning, and contemporary place in culture. We'll see which components and traditional uses of ritual are more or less prominent or even desirable in our own lives, and how they are available in the way we drink tea.

Feb 13. Awakening the Senses with Tea

Led by Michael Busby

At our second gathering, I'll lead the exploration of direct perception, the nameless part of ritual that is free of constructs and concepts.A personal taste of the transformative possibility of attending to the senses.

Feb 20. Making it your Own

Led by Tender Tierney

At our third gathering, Tender Tierney will lead an exploration of how to incorporate your own traditions, ancestors, and personal contemplations into your own tea ritual. This is the realm of meaning, symbolism, and structure.



Una Chung

Una Chung is a Professor of Art and Media at Sara Lawrence College (complete bio in progress) 

Michael Busby

Michael Busby is the Tea Peddler of Via Tiempo, with a background in philosophical studies and Buddhist and Taoist practice. He is also a teacher of qigong is the Limitless Gate tradition of Taoism. 

Tender Tierney

Tender Tierney is a somatics practitioner, maker of ceramics, and queer philosopher. They enjoy a life in the elements, and are currently immersed in studying somatics, western esotericism, and ati yoga.You can view Tender's website here.

What to Bring with you

For this course you’ll need boiled water, a vessel to brew tea in, some loose tea and a cup. If you’d like to up  your game with some quality wares and leaves you can explore Via Tiempo’s selection of teaware and teaWe’ll let you know what we’re drinking with each class so you can join in if you’d like, but it is by no means required. 

You may wish to bring a notebook to write, draw, or otherwise record your thoughts and note your questions and inspirations.

Please don't let cost be a barrier. Inquire directly for need-based financial assistance.