Gift Subscription (you choose how many sessions)
Gift Subscription (you choose how many sessions)

Gift Subscription (you choose how many sessions)

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A gift of Via Tiempo’s 24 Season Tea Subscription. Select one of two sizes from the drop down menu above, and update the quantity in the shopping cart to the number of sessions you’d like to give.

If you’d like to include a greeting, you can respond to the order confirmation email with a note for us to include. 


Our 24 Seasons Tea subscription provides delicious elixirs to the rhythm of the traditional Chinese farming calendar. We have found marking a new season every 15 days to be such a beautiful way to witness gradual change and appreciate each seasonal moment. It opens a completely new layer of tea drinking, where health and connection to the elements coincide with one of our most basic household rituals. 

Gifting this service brings the recipient teas right when their properties are most accessible, and provides an immediate and accessible way to strengthen their connection to the elements of each season. In each tea package arriving at their door, they can expect excellent quality seasonal teas to be accompanied by a letter, tea-games, and various other ways to spark curiosity and draw them into their relationship with this magical leaf. Additionally, they’ll find invitations to community tea gatherings where they can hone the practical aspects of preparing tea with skill and panache. 

What they can expect in their Gift Subscription:

  • A seasonal tea package every six weeks.
  • Estimated: 1.25-1.75 OR 2.5-3.5 ounces of excellent tea (depending on which option you choose)
  • Letter, games, cards, etc. 
  • Stories, tidbits, whimsy
  • Guidance for preparing and appreciating each tea.
  • Invitations to online gatherings. 

What a fun gift to share with a friend!