Tiempo Tea Club Subscription - with Michael Busby as Curator and Guide

Tiempo Tea Club Subscription - with Michael Busby as Curator and Guide

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How do you measure time? When you measure in steeps and pots, a new time is born: one that embraces simplicity and emparts a sense of carefree health and relaxed activity. The ritual of tea helps connect you to the seasons, creating space for creativity, a deepening connection to oneself, keeping good company, or just being. 

People love the Tiempo Tea Club: a surprise box at your door every six weeks offers a pleasant alternative to choosing among our individual teas. It's the surprise that's fun, and the box at the door that creates such ease. It's the trustworthy curation that makes it a great value. But, it’s sharing the journey and practice of tea that makes it a jewel in club members’ lives.

With each shipment, I write a letter to open up gateways and windows into the vast world of tea, with colorful stories about each tea, guidance for brewing, and insights to broaden your knowledge and deepen your connection. In the end, the Tiempo Tea Club helps you bring the ritual of tea into your own life in a way that is meaningful and enriching to you.

The subscription is carefully curated, month to month to bring you a variety of quality teas, the best of each season, and at the time to best enjoy them. In a way, it is like seeing me in person and asking me what I'm excited about. The shipment won't be the same weight of tea each month, but rather the same cost. One month an ounce of an oolong you've never tasted, the next a small quantity of a 30 year aged pu'erh, and the next a variety of high mountain teas that fill your cupboard.

For sure whatever you receive will be in harmony with the seasons.

What you get:

  • A new box of specialty teas every 6 weeks, curated by Michael Busby in accord with the seasons
  • Support to help bring your own tea appreciation ritual into your life
  • Stories and colorful tidbits about the tea, including when to drink it and tips for preparing each tea, so you can appreciate it fully
  • 20% off all non-subscription purchases of tea and teaware!

Charges to your card will be $42 every 6 weeks (42 days), one week prior to each shipment. You can cancel any time.

Sign up today and invite tea to make space for itself in your world, and in turn, make more space for you to be yourself. Then, sharing that space with another is as easy as making a pot of tea.