Winter Pottery Collection

We're very excited about our Winter Pottery Collection for obvious reasons. A collaboration between myself, Michael the Tea Peddler, and Mark Mohler the Potter—sending drawings and photos back and forth, talking on the phone and contemplating what it is that captures the essence of Winter Tea Drinking—these cups were really fun to design. They were inspired all the way by the deep rock teas of Fujian that accompany deep winter at Via Tiempo.

The above "igneous cups" are quite large. They are reminiscent of cool glacial lakes and warm volcanic baths. It is a sensual drink with the unusual lip, rough sides, and spidering glaze—and their size makes them great for solo drinking with a larger brewing-vessel, grandpa style, or diving in for a refreshing swim.

The below "rock and ice cups" are a medium size, warming your little paws in winter, and their allure is both apparent and concealed. When you lift them, you feel the sinking sensation of deep winter; trees sending energy to their roots, fish falling deep below the freeze, insects and mammals alike burrowing down into the earth. Winter is yin and yin is descending. The faceted cup with icy glaze evokes the rock and ice of winter. This is the perfect cup for rock teas. 

Both of these cups are available now to new subscribers who sign up for the Via Tiempo Tea Subscription before January 7th.

Current subscribers are not left out by any means: With the Friend of a Friend Promotion, if you refer someone they get a cup from the Winter Pottery Collection and you do too. So spread the word.