The Tempo of Tea

The rule of life, spontaneous presence, or following the Tao—these are words for letting things naturally unfold and settle into their place—something akin to the relaxed natural tempo of tea—steeping, unfurling, decanting, cooling. In this ongoing exploration, we’ll steep in reflections of tea that deal with time, lingering, unwinding, and living at a natural tempo.

October 9th—Fragrant Heath: Campfire Teapot: Spontaneity and Ease 

November 13th—Mountain Shrine: Elemental Pilgrimage

January 8th—Fragrant Clock: Lingering Time

TBD— Endless Poetry

These reflections are subtle inquiries into rest and ease, time, attunement to the elemental world, and vita contemplativa. If you need information for how to attend, send me an email.

Economy  OR  Payments  OR  Sharing Abundance  OR  Gathering What’s Needed

There will be invitations to contribute to the Tempo of Tea at each reflection. These include offerings to me, to others, to the elements, and to your own form-of-life. The following contributions to the creative economy are accepted in any combination.

    • Dollars: For example, $30/event : Take care of the Tea Peddler's necessities and spur the continuing unveiling of the Tempo of Tea. (venmo: via-tiempo)
    • Street Team: Flyers, Shout Outs, Public Tea Offerings, Networking: Help with Via Tiempo's connections and outreach to tea drinkers, businesses, artists, podcasters, contemplatives, healers, and seasonalists.
    • Bring the Tempo to the People: Host tea appreciation parties for friends and family and create spaces where others can linger in the tempo of tea.
    • Tortoise Play: Wander–in diverse realms. Linger—in time and place with gongfu cha. Loiter— unhurried by the laws of productivity.  Make—make tea offerings to the local elemental beings. Share—bring an extra cup or two to share with passerbys. Sing—thoroughly enjoy yourself, carefree
    • Gift Giving: Purchase gift subscriptions for friends, family, and randos.
    • Seasonal Ceremonies: Collect offering materials and conduct seasonal ceremonies.
    • MC and Host: Help host Via Tiempo gatherings online and in-person.
    • Art Collabs: Tea and art product collaborations.


What to Bring with you

Of course you’ll need boiled water, a vessel to brew tea in, some loose tea, and a cup. If you’d like to up your game with some quality wares and leaves you can explore Via Tiempo’s selection of teaware and tea

You may wish to bring a notebook to write, draw, or otherwise record your thoughts and note your questions and inspirations.

Hosted by Michael Busby and Surprise Guests

Michael Busby is the Tea Peddler of Via Tiempo, with 12 years of experience in tea, as well as Buddhist and Taoist practices. He is a student of the elements, time, and philosophy, and is also a teacher of qigong in the Limitless Gate tradition of Taoism.