Seasons Kindred Dojo

Seasons Kindred Dojo 

Wandering in the expanse of the 24 seasons



Areas of Practice

Ritual practice with the elements surrounds us with health and power

Aesthetic practice grounds us in ethics and virtue

Communal practice fills us with resource

Creative practice breathes in and out

Awareness practice shines through the veils

Divination practice gives a ride along the contours of experience

Foundational forms of our training together

Tea elements ritual



Sign up for Winter Session

Nov. 8, 2020 - Feb. 4, 2021

Sign up for the dojo by paying your first dues—$30/3 month session

Pay one time. 

Add 13.85 to subscription every 6 weeks. (Same amount spread across time—for long-term dojo members)

One of us will be in touch shortly after you sign up, to welcome you and integrate you into the practice and the community.

If the price is in any way an obstacle, and you would like to join in the practice, simply let me know and we’ll work something out. 


The dojo schedule shifts to meet the needs and availabilities of the dojo’s members. Gathering with one another is one key element, but one that need not be a constraint. Even the busiest and most hermetic tea-lover can be a seasons kindred. The tea-journal creates a basis for our own continued journey and facilitates a simple way to share with others when we have the chance.