Local Events

New and Full Moon (and sometimes half) Contemplative Tea and Yoga at Ragle Park!

Me and Kathryn are going to be leading the first one on March 28th from 11-2. We'll live the contemplative life with our fellow lunatics (those affected by the moon), honoring our relationship to that loving celestial being, and taking the opportunity to be in a healthy social ceremony. Meet at the peace park and we''ll go from there. We are using a gift economy to take this out of commodity-land, so please offer a monetary gift of your choosing in return for the gifts we are sharing. You can Venmo me or Kathryn to reserve a spot, or bring cash. My Venmo is @via-tiempo. If you see the red bird logo, and can skip the phone number confirmation. You can visit Kathryn's website and learn more about all of her wonderful offerings at kathryncorrine.com