March 22nd, 2020 - Berkeley, CA

Tea Appreciation and Dharma Poetics

This is a coming together of the appreciation cooperative, where we quench our thirst for meaningful living by appreciating in bulk. The history of tea is long and storied, filled with artists and poets who find tea their companion through sorrow and joy, and contemplatives who see the ritual of life played out in the tea ceremony. Likewise, the history of poetry is filled with tea-lovers, yogis, and sages, whose cups overfloweth with perceptual and expressive richness—steeped to perfection through the practices of reading and writing.  Maybe we are some of those poets and contemplatives too! 

Let’s jump into this continuum which flows through time, spills over into new places, and delights the senses. Here we have the opportunity to explore Dharma Poetics and the many facets of the culture of tea, and to treat these sacred mediums as reason to gather. This will be a day that is both inward and social. We will drink tea, meditate, read & write poems.



Past Events

January 24, 2020 - Jackson MS

Inaugural A Common Hearth event with David Prichard of Ground Path Fruition. Lydia Grey Gamble will be cooking a vegetarian meal to pair with the teas I serve. Slowing down time with tea and gathering around a common table, we’ll enjoy the simple joys of pouring a warm cup for another and breaking bread!

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