Elemental Tea Confluence

This is a venue for the Tea Peddler to share the details of tea in ways that help you foster a connection both deeper and broader to the teas you receive in the 24 seasons subscription.

It is made up of a variety of modes for connecting further with tea, seasons and elements through prompts, journaling, gatherings; so that a Tea Kindred can be totally online or offline, alone or together, or a mixture as they find appropriate in any moment. 

It is facilitated a $3/6 weeks add-on that covers the cost of letters you might receive in the mail, and more than anything makes it a choice to receive these prompts etc. that is easy to move in and out of. 

Confluence signifies the flowing together of multiple streams, the place of their junction, and the body formed by their flowing together. Colloquially it is also called “the dojo” and “the not-dojo”



Online Confluences

With each new tea selection every six weeks, you can expect the following online gatherings:

  • Tea tasting with the Tea Peddler, Michael.
  • Exploring tea journaling with Trinley.

You also receive discounts or free attendance to other gatherings, should they have a charge. 

Seasonal explorations

Tea Kindreds also receive games, prompts, contemplations as ways to get more acquainted with tea, seasons, elements, and to have fun. A lot of this is about how we spend our time these, days. What are ways that we can have fun, be nourished, and feel connected offline as we continue to live in semi-isolation?

Creative Practice and Tea Community on Discord

The discord app is where people can share their tea-journals, seasonal reflections, etc. It is also where we gather for our tea tastings, journaling, and some other events. 

Discord makes it easy to break into small groups on various channels, and If you have a tea kindred you’d like to meet with at another time, discord makes that easy too.

Give it a try!

Sign up by adding this confluence add-on to your subscription. It is $3 every 6 weeks ($2.16/month). It covers envelopes stamps and printing of intermittent letters and games, and allows people to easily move in and out. 

I will be in touch shortly after you sign up, to welcome and orient you.

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