Daily Ritual Magic — Full portion every 6 weeks — [$7/week]

Daily Ritual Magic — Full portion every 6 weeks — [$7/week]

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Being a member of Via Tiempo Seasonal Tea Circle is entering a beautiful way of drinking and exploring tea, that honors the culture, history, and magic of this leaf.

Each session features seasonal teas carefully selected and accompanied by a scroll—a letter from the heart of the Tea Peddler to guide you through the beautiful and mysterious world of tea.

With Daily Ritual Magic you’ll have enough tea to really thoroughly get into each session. It is the best value, and designed for the tea lover.

Daily Ritual Magic members receive a 20% discount on non-subscription purchases and are also eligible to add their favorites to their standing order on the “customize” page.

What to expect:

  • A new selection of genuinely amazing teas every 6 weeks, curated in accord with the seasons
  • Estimated: 2.5-3.5 ounces of tea each session (same value each session but not same weight)
  • Tea letter from the heart of the Tea Peddler to enliven your relationship with tea.
  • Stories and colorful tidbits about the tea, including tips for preparing and appreciating each tea
  • 20% off non-subscription purchases
  • Eligible for add ons to standard order

Charges to your card will be $42 every 6 weeks, one week prior to each shipment. You can cancel, switch levels, or skip a session any time.

Sign up today and invite tea to make space in your life. Then, sharing that space with another is as easy as making a pot of tea.