Egg Pot - Tunnel Kiln

Egg Pot - Tunnel Kiln

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Made by Mark Mohler. The Egg Pot is the ultimate all round fall-in-love-with-tea teapot shape. It is versatile and makes great tea. This particular pot has a wonderful slow pour for oolong and other nuanced teas.

190 ml

From the artist:

“This pot was fired for 36 hours in a wood fueled side-stoke tunnel kiln made by my [Mark’s] good friend and fellow artist Mark S. Johnson. All clays used are mined locally here in Georgia. The interior is unglazed which  means this pot would benefit from being dedicated to one type of tea, but the clay is fired to maturity and so can be used for a variety of teas as well.

This pot was re-fired to 1260’ C in oxidation to ensure clay maturity as it was situated in a cool spot in the wood kiln. This serves to insulate the proper long term functionality of the pot, but it changes the aesthetic from the original wood fired surface.

Being able to make my work with only materials dug within hours drive of my studio is really brilliant but this firing goes further. The kiln we fired in was made from individually crafted Georgia red clay bricks dug from pits mere feet from the kiln structure.”