Wild Lapsang 2oz

Wild Lapsang 2oz

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“Dead leaves on the dirty ground and I know you’re not around.” - Jack White

“All the leave are brown and the sky is gray.” - John Phillips

The Wild Lapsang that I’m sharing with you is a bridge to those brown leaves. It is a warming red tea grown on naturally diverse (wild) hillsides in Fujian. It has both fruitier and more pungent qualities that most of the non-wild red teas that I encounter. Somewhere in the slightly pungent sweetness is that connection to those most ubiquitous of seasonal time-beings.


Style: Wild Red Tea

Energy: Steamy

Mouthfeel: Perspiring

Aroma: grapes, woods, brown leaves, coconut macaroon Taste profiles: charred spring onion, garlic naan, crusty flan, dried blueberry, footprints in the mud that a toad left behind. Character: red tea with strong tannins and a bit of funk.

This is an absolutely delicious tea! (Not the smokey kind of Lapsang)