Tielohan 2oz

Tielohan 2oz

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Tielohan is a classic rock tea from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian China. Thick and rich, this delicious tea has a solid and sinking energy that supports stillness. Often times, these hefty traditionally roasted rock teas are challenging to brew well and enjoy, not so with this tea which is quite smooth and elegant for how rich and gritty it is. The traditional low heat long hours of charcoal roasting are what draw out the subtle aromas, and intertwine them so cleanly with the bones of the tea. This one was roasted four times. The stock of the tea trees themselves, and the gardens they grow in was what gives us the yanyun or rock charm that these Wuyi oolongs are renowned for. That charm is the volcanic soil coming into your tea time and lingering with you. It evokes a different kind of landscape, gritty rock. 

Nose: cocoa, cherry, toasted grains

Flavor profiles: cola, new leather, Szechuan pepper

Characteristics: medium bodied, a buttery mouthfeel that evaporates with the medium tannins