One Year Gift Subscription
One Year Gift Subscription

One Year Gift Subscription

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A full year of Via Tiempo’s 24 Season Tea Subscription: 9 sessions in total. Select one of two sizes from the drop down menu above.

If you’d like to include a greeting, you can respond to the order confirmation email with a note for us to include. 


This 24 Seasons Tea subscription is orchestrated by me, Michael Busby, the Tea Peddler. I select and share only really delicious and energetically on-point teas to the rhythm of the traditional Chinese farming calendar. 

Writing a letter/scroll to subscribers to accompany each tea-package, gives me a chance to share the subtler and sparkier points of tea culture—which for me is always connected to my Taoist lineage practice. As a teacher of qigong and Taoist lifestyle in the Limitless Gate lineage, I appreciate how weaving together seasons and teas lets me express the seasonal, flowing, and often elusive elements of Taoist lifestyle with ease, and without being didactic. 

Over the years, the Via Tiempo community has found marking a new season every 15 days to be such a beautiful way to witness gradual change and appreciate each seasonal moment. It opens a completely new layer of tea drinking, where health and connection to the elements coincide with one of our most basic household rituals.

What to expect in your Subscription:

  • A seasonal tea package every six weeks.
  • 1.25-1.75 OR 2.5-3.5 ounces of excellent tea (depending on which option you choose)
  • Letter/scroll, tea cards and other unexpected ephemera 
  • Stories, tidbits, guidance for preparing and appreciating each tea.
  • Invitations to online tea-tastings.

What a fun gift to share with a friend!