Raven Egg 135ml
Raven Egg 135ml
Raven Egg 135ml

Raven Egg 135ml

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This is one of my favorite shapes that I think makes tea so enjoyable and fulfilling—and makes superb tea overall and particularly oolong. It is the shape of the pot that my oldest tea friend used to serve us with. And it is the shape of many of the best pots I've been acquainted with ever since.

The Lizella Clay that this pot is made with is from Georgia near where Mark grew up and went to school. The clay will turn a really nice reddish brown as it absorbs tea oils through use over time. There is a filter built into the clay behind the spout.

This teapot is 115 ml.

From Mark:

This pot was fired to cone six (1200C, 2200F) in a gas reduction kiln I built for my studio this year. The clay is Lizella, dug from a creek bed in middle Georgia by the same family for decades. It is strong and stable allowing me to make surprisingly light vessels that take well to the stresses of use. As with any tea vessel over time the pot will benefit from being used only for teas with similar flavor profiles, but this clay is not very porous and can therefor be used for a variety of teas.

I love this clay. I’ve been using it since my time in college almost a decade ago. After so long working with it I feel confident that I found the right processes to bring out its best qualities. The surface of the fired clay is rough, not rough as in bumpy but rough on a micro scale. The high iron content of the clay allows me to manipulate the way the crystalline structures of the clay behave and when you apply enough reduction the surface becomes a chocolate brown to burgundy color with very high surface area. This high surface area means that water and tea oils interact with the clay in beautiful and unusual ways. Water evaporates faster than expected from the surface, and the tea oils left behind can lend a metallic sheen.