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Coffee Alternative Trio + Push Button Pot

A lot of people I meet are transitioning away from coffee. They want to know what teas will get them going in the morning, and the basics of how to prepare it. I have found that what they really need is a tea that is gritty and dark, and a mouthful of flavor. Ideally, something they can put milk, butter, oat milk or sweetener into. It has to do the job not just energetically, but ritualistically and stylistically too. 

I’ve found that a mixture of dark teas and a highly functional utilitarian teapot does the trick. For some, it’s also important to simultaneously get into a variety of tasty teas to peak their interests. For others it’s just all about that morning mug.

Most people want to make the switch from coffee to tea for health reasons. Coffee can be quite anxiety inducing for a lot of people. Tea is well known as a long-life drink packed with antioxidants. People with specific health concerns also have been encouraged to switch for a variety of other reasons.

The Cast

The teas that are going to help with this transition are Shou Puerh, Red Tea (Chinese Black Tea) and Rock Oolong. You can get these separately, but I’ve brought them together here as the perfect coffee alternative trio. Puerh is dank like a forest floor and is going to really resemble the style of coffee. Red tea is like black tea sweet, bitter, and familiar. Rock tea will be less familiar, a first step into the unknown world of tea while still being dark and delicious. (And because you are a coffee person—and please don’t tell anyone else—you can actually mix the teas together. My wife Trinley will do a couple steeps of puerh and then add rock tea, just as one semi-blasphemous example)

Each person is different. So after trying these teas out with your daily routines, we can chat and make appropriate adjustments. I’d highly recommend you consider a push-button pot. That pot will replicate the functional, minimal fuss style of coffee, while also letting you get more acquainted with the leaves.


This trio has 2oz of Puerh and 1oz of the Red tea and 1oz of the Rock tea. For a pretty solid coffee drinker, someone who goes through one pound of coffee beans per week, 2 orders of the trio would be perfect for the 6 week period, and the price ends up being very close to that of good coffee. With the subscription the cost ends up being 9% less than a weekly $16 1lb bag of coffee beans.

You may, however, want to continue coffee in the morning and switch to tea in the afternoon—which would mean a single order of the trio. Or you might want a combination Tea Circle subscription and a coffee alternative trio to dive fully into the world of tea, while maintaining a firm hold on that morning mug.

If you aren’t sure the size will fit your needs, then consult with me, and we’ll figure out a better package. Or try it out and we can adjust after. 

The Allure

The allure of tea goes beyond just causing less anxiety and replacing coffee. With time, drinking tea helps you develop a very nice sensitivity to what your body needs. You’ll likely be able to judge your own energy levels better and learn to brew different teas for different times, much more finely adjusting your energy levels. Tea can fit a variety of needs in that way, energizing quickly, or waking up slowly. It can be dissipating, clarifying, comforting, fortifying—all sorts of ways. If that is appealing, then you’ve come to the right place—and I’m happy to be on this tea journey with you.

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