Lingering Charm — Half portion every 6 weeks — [$4.25/week]
Lingering Charm — Half portion every 6 weeks — [$4.25/week]

Lingering Charm — Half portion every 6 weeks — [$4.25/week]

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With the Lingering Charm Via Tiempo Seasonal Tea Subscription, tea appreciation is a part of your life. You can take a stroll through the mysterious world of tea 2-3 times a week, learning more about it’s beautiful terrain. It’s lingering charm will follow you like the sweet aftertaste of high mountain oolong.

The shipment won't be the same weight of tea each month, but rather the same value, sometimes one tea and sometimes two or three—always selected with care from the myriad teas harvested each season. Each is accompanied by a letter from me, your tea friend, to guide you through the beautiful and mysterious terrain.

When we slow down and really appreciate the gifts of the earth and of humanity, it’s nourishing. It ties us to the present moment and to history in a single taste. In relationship with one another, the artisans, and the land and seasonal rains themselves, even a simple cup of tea can bring us into a full world of appreciative living.

What to expect:

  • A new box of specialty teas every 6 weeks, curated by Michael Busby in accord with the seasons
  • Support to help bring your own tea appreciation ritual into your life
  • Stories and colorful tidbits about the tea, including when to drink it and tips for preparing each tea, so you can appreciate it fully
  • 10% off all purchases of tea and teaware!

It’s a good amount of tea for a few sessions a week.

Charges to your card will be $25 every 6 weeks, one week prior to each shipment. You can cancel any time.  All of this for the same cost as drinking a fancy coffee once every two weeks.

Sign up today and invite tea to make space in your world. Then, sharing that space with another is as easy as making a pot of tea.