Transition into Winter

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Three seasons make up the first half of winter: Coming of Winter, Light Snow, and Heavy Snow. Yin has taken command and begins to increase as we approach the solstice. The days get shorter. The nights get longer. Snow begins to fall in northern climates. Naturally, our internal life is prominent. The earth, animals, rivers—everything is more quiet, and softened further by the acoustics of snow. 

Winter is a time to rest. At the new moon gathering we’ll explore, “what does rest allow for”, and “what gets in the way of rest?”

The teas for this time ride the precipice of winter that hasn’t quite reached fruition, Braggart’s tea and Red Water Dong Ding do the trick. Or for the full warmth and energy of the hearth, the Shui Xian is a powerful winter tea. 

Coming of Winter — Nov 8-20

Light snow — Nov 21-Dec 6

Heavy snow—Dec 7-20