Saturnalia Feast: a caucus for illuminating and dismantling white supremacy

For anyone who identifies as white and male.

Hosted by Via Tiempo

Saturday July 11 at 3pm Eastern

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In the Roman Pantheon, Saturn was the sovereign deity of a previous golden age of abundance and peace. The feast of Saturn was celebrated by reversing political hierarchies, in emulation of that bygone era. The statue of Saturn had his feet bound in wool for most of the year, then unbound during his festival—a symbol of liberation. Why a god of liberation is bound for most of the year shows Saturn’s proclivity for dissolving social hierarchies. In this group we will temporarily liberate ourselves from the burden of white supremacy and patriarchy by surrendering the need for control, dominance, knowing the answers, etc, and instead spend a couple hours doing what Black, Brown, Indigiounous, People of Color, women, femmes and non-binary folks are asking, requesting, imploring, encouraging, and demanding—that we take time together as white folks and as men to dismantle the oppressive systems that live in our bodies. We can repeatedly engage in this feast of dismantling, reversing, and leveling until the day comes when oppressive social hierarchies have been dissolved. 

As with any good feast, there will be no productive work done at these gatherings—only carnage. The process of unlearning leaves us with less than when we started. No need to gain expertise, just being human is a good goal. So while it is not easy to look at these areas, we can nonetheless engage with some sense of ease. Saturn’s original consort and better half was called Lua Mater. To her, we dedicate the bloody weapons of all manner of systemic violence, just as Romans dedicated the weapons of their enemies to her, and burnt them in ritual sacrifice. Our toxic masculinity and white supremacy needs to be expelled and purified, offered as the sacrifice that it is: the weapons of our enemies.

Saturn is also connected to time, the seasons, and agriculture. He brought good society to the ancient people of Italy. This is a bit of a coincidental tie-in. We will drink seasonal tea, celebrate our connection to the earth, and raise up our best, most decent, and most human qualities, as we simultaneously illuminate, dismantle and destroy the colonial, imperialist, patriarchal and white supremacist heritage that without conscious effort we will unconsciously perpetuate ad infinitum. 

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