Spotlight on Alexandria Barnes

Spotlight on Alexandria Barnes

“Very passive, that’s what I like about tea.

When I don’t have a work day, I can drink tea passively all day.

How is it going to peak my awareness? How is it going to meet my day?”


Styles and Flows

Alexandria calls her two styles of drinking tea “active” and “passive”. 

Active is like at work, when you have a desired way that the tea supports what you’re doing.


Why create time to have tea at work?

“Brings me into my senses

Allows spaciousness to be felt.

Brings the mind back.” (recentering for the next phase)


Passive is when the energetic effect of tea just compliments a day in it’s own way.

Drinking tea with friends, noticing how it affects the body, mind and speed of everything—without making it a big deal. It just kinda happens.

Stand Out Tea Memory

On retreat at Skylake, she was sharing tea with Michael Schneeweis and the Tea Peddler. She remembers the sheer absurdity everywhere around us, the jovial spontaneous idea sharing, the freedom to laugh and to say anything and be any way, the way that the world came alive and it was easy to see the dragon in the trees outside, and how all of that could simply and concisely come to an end and we could get on to other things with a seamless transition. How fun!

Crafty innovations

Likes to give tea away. Hide it in a friend’s jacket pocket without them knowing, only to find out they’ve been given a gift when they get home!

Super Tea Powers - Ease With Impermanence

When Alexandria drinks tea, the beautiful earth-formed gem of her awareness breaks apart into myriad facets and she can see how it all fits together. Seeing each part, peace sets in. 

Tea Curiosities

What is the collage-like story of a tea from the perspective of all of our Via Tiempo Appreciation Cooperative members? How can tea play into my creative/art practices?